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My art captures

dreams of childhood.

     Each collage is a journey to the time. Rediscovering the forgotten places with a whimsical story. I love photographing urban decay and mixing it with playful or poignant imagery. The result is a panorama of surrealist piece that convey a story.

Pepe Moscoso, Blind insect, Mexican Artist, Mexicanos creativos

     Pepe Moscoso is a visual artist. His art captures memories and dreams of childhood. That magical world that children create through fantasies and games. Those adventures are part of our past, like the treehouse, the car, or the abandoned places that become our playground.


Pepe’s photo-collages are constellations of uncommon moments that uncover his inner world and imagination. These constellations disclose his personal stories, dramas, and dreams that tap into the collective imagination. His work welcomes the viewer to see themselves in every character and frame, cultivating personal contact with the intimate self. Each of these pieces not only recreates these magical and innocent stories but at the same time, has its own history: Where each character has their own name, lives a challenge and ends up finding a solution. Elegantly, Pepe asks the observer to construct their own story through his three-dimensional surreal panoramas, encouraging awe and appreciation for the wonder of life.

Blind Insect name emerged several years ago as the name of his art gallery, which was on Division Street and has now reopened on Alberta Arts District & 29th street in Portland, OR.

My art is inspired by surreal scenarios, imagination and the loss of innocence, Infusing each collage with warmth and joy.

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