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2018 Lente Móvil


Lente Móvil: 2018 Summit


     Lente Móvil presented "Identity vs Stereotypes” at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), a multi-media event that integrated photography, poetry, discussion, and gastronomy to eliminate stereotypes and give voice to cultural communities about the nuance of identity in the United States.


The event was an explosion of energy, friendship, community and reflection. Each member of the first panel put their heart and experience into each word. They shared incredible angles of reflection to reconsider how we see and assimilate the experience of identity and stereotype. The second panel of poets brought down the house with their literary work and reminded us that the use of the word can be the best medicine to relieve emptiness.


An epic night to remind us that change and community are created when we are present. Lente Móvil was supported in part by Regional Arts & Culture Council, PNCA - Pacific Northwest College of Art, Consulate of Mexico in Portland, Latino Network, Blind Insect, Pambiche, Casa Lola Kitchen de Mexico, Chuparrosa

     We ended the event with this community picture. This photo reminds us that we are coming from everywhere, and we belong to any place. We are becoming world citizens

community picture-2.jpg
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