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2017 Lente Móvil

Lente Móvil: 2017 Summit "SUBCULTURES"
     This time Lente Móvil examines the importance of cultural identity, cultural tradition, and migration as it impacts personal growth and collective strength for our Latino community in the United States.  We did an event at the Portland Art Museum ¨Bilingual Discussion: Identity, Tradition, and Migration.¨ This multimedia event included a curated discussion, photo-visual display, and film.

We also took on the task of searching and documenting subcultures from our community: los charros - Mexican Cowboys, los danzantes mexicas and la lucha libre to reveal the experiences and to better understand who "they" are, but to better understand how similar we all are and how unjust and unfair it is when we categorize anyone's experience.


During the Lente Móvil event we asked our attendees: what resonates with you?

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